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Cold in the extremities

The UK is cold. If I press my foot with a finger it takes about five seconds for the white finger mark to fade away. Partly that’s poor circulation but it’s not helped by the sub-zero temperatures in my parents’ house. I’m wearing a jumper AND a dressing gown and I’m still cold.  Supposedly it’s spring. I guess it’s pretty rainy right now. I’m told that’s a sign of spring. I’m dubious though as I’m pretty sure it rains every season.

Hmm I just looked up the Met Office and it informs me that the coming summer is ‘odds on for a barbecue summer’. It bounds on enthusiastically predicting temperatures of over 30 Celsius but then adds that this ‘does not rule out the chances of seeing some heavy downpours at times’.

*waves fist randomly at the clouds*

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