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Moon Landing

I’m going to guess……


That’s right I’m just making my position nice and clear right now. So that later on if it turns out to be true I can nod smugly and say “Ah ha, I always knew it” along with everyone else, only I’ll have documented proof that this was my position all those years ago.

This week NASA  has revealed at a news conference some of it’s digitally restored footage of the moon landing in celebration of the event’s 40th birthday (On an unrelated note has anyone else noticed how Americans in the news these days look like they’re in the 1980’s? Just LOOK at that guy’s suit). The moon landing is all over the news at the moment. Especially as apparently there is a new race to the moon on. This time China seems to be taking up the gauntlet of racing America there.

China wants the glory of a moon landing. And in my opinion America is racing there to try and prevent anyone discovering a suspicious lack of debris from the previous landing. Partly this is wishful thinking on my part. It would amuse me a lot though if it was all fake.

Conspiracy theorists have been juggling this topic around for decades now. They’re been scrutinising the photos, claiming the shadows and lack of stars are wrong as well as unearthing NASA employees who claim it’s fake, and videos of the astronauts ‘practising’ the moon landing in a warehouse.

Wikipedia has much to say about it here.

Basically there are three main avenues of conspiracy theory:

  1. Complete hoax — The idea that the entire moon landing was faked from start to finish. This theory claims the technology was not advanced enough. Especially in mind of crossing the Van Allen Radiation Belt.
  2. Partial hoax / unmanned landingsBart Sibrel has stated that the crew of Apollo 11 and subsequent astronauts had faked their orbit around the Moon and their walk on its surface by trick photography, and that they never got more than halfway to the Moon.
  3. Manned landings, with cover-upsPhilippe Lheureux, in Lumières sur la Lune (Lights on the Moon), said that astronauts did land on the Moon, but that, in order to prevent other nations from benefiting from scientific information in the real photos, NASA published fake images.

If America did manage to fake them then well done to them. It’s a pretty excellent hoax, and a long lasting one. It does seem like something that would be very difficult to maintain. I’m just waiting until the next moon landing. Or until the freedom of information act results in relevant documents being released (although if it hasn’t happened yet it’s dubious).

I’m not entirely convinced either way but I feel the need to pick a side now so I’ll go with my previous Yes, Yes the moon landing was faked.

What do you think?

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