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I have a new phone! And it’s all shiny!

Amazingly I managed to find one that doesn’t have a camera or an MP3 player attached. The sales assistant was frankly unimpressed at my lack of ambition towards my new phone. I patiently explained that I already own both a camera and an MP3 player and that using the internet on phones is frustrating and hurts my eyes. All I want a mobile phone to do is send and recieve calls and texts. That’s it. And no I don’t want a contract because I don’t use my phone enough for it to be worth it. The poor guy was desperately looking over my shoulder for a customer more worthy of his enthusiasm about phones. Sadly for him I was the only customer in the shop.

It took me a while to hone in on my new pet. First I went to a vodaphone shop (because Dad has a vodaphone handset that just needs a new SIM) but the assistant was SO rude to me that I decided sod it I’d rather pay more money in a different shop just so he wouldn’t have my custom. He was really condescending! He actually rolled his eyes when I asked him what a ‘Freedom Pack’ was. This is some new scheme of vodaphones. You give them £10 pounds and they give you £50 worth of texts and calls. But it’s not a top up as ‘Gary’ condescendingly explained to me. Oh no. A top up is seperate, this is a ‘freedom pack’  and apparently I’m just too stupid to work that out. Twat

This is my shiny new pet. I need to name him. Suggestions anyone?

I bought him from the Carphone Warehouse. The staff were very helpful and nice, unlike Vodaphone Gary.

He was only £10 which is a bargain. I chose a ringtone called ‘Elves’ which is some kind of crescending fake flute ensemble. I colour schemed him red and chose a picture of goldfish as the background. All in all I am VERY pleased.

(Coincidently C bought the same phone the other day so I’ve been informed I have to attack mine with stickers to distinguish them, something I am very okay with.)

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