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I just had another whack at making tea eggs and this time I took some pictures. Yay!! So I shall properly give you instructions for making your very own.

1. Hard boil some eggs (about ten minutes)


2. Drain the eggs and then crack them by gently hitting them with a spoon.


3. Put the eggs back in the saucepan and add some water.

4. Add loose leaf tea (black gives a better colour but you can use green for a slightly different flavour. Here I used both), soy sauce, cinnamon, anise and sugar. My method is just lobbing in whatever feels right but if you need measurements try about a 2 desertspoons of the tea and one of everything else.


5. Bring the mixture to the boil and then simmer for about an hour.

6. Take off the heat and leave to sit for about 5 hours. If you leave them overnight they’ll be even better.

7. Drain the eggs.


8.Peel and eat. Yum.


Oh they’re so pretty! I’m very proud of myself right now. Just look –


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Chinese Tea Eggs

Today I made Chinese tea eggs. Yum Yum!

This is part of C and I’s attempts to assimiliate all things Chinese before we head off on our trip.

I once had a Chinese housemate and I remembered her vaguely boiling eggs in tea and soy sauce to make a special egg usually eaten at Chinese New Year. Cracked tea eggs. Or similar. Ah ha I thought, I have eggs lying around somewhere,  lets do the same.

I’d just also had some rather bad news from home, so I may have been distracting myself to a certain extent.

This is different to the famous 100 year eggs, which aren’t as old as their name, more like a few months old. Still sounds gross but I think I’d like to try them anyway. It’s on my list. My china list.

Anywho, back to todays eggs….

I added some eggs to water with green tea leaves (I had no black) and soy sauce and boiled them for ages. I kept getting distracted and accidently letting them boil dry. So I’d top up the water. After a while I began to wonder how they got the cracked pattern. So I looked it up on google and found this great website. It recommended putting cinnamon and anise and sugar in with the tea and soy sauce. And also actually cracking the shell of the eggs. Duh. So I did that and let them simmer for 40 mins and then I covered the pot and let them soak for about 6 hours.

And mmmm they were delicous.

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