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Durex is doing a new sex survey! Obviously this is mainly for them to gather market research unto themselves but they have actually added interesting information to the field of sex-study in the past (more on this when I have time to find it).

For the chance to win a goody bag filled with £50 worth of Durex goods (if you’re from the UK) go here.

I just completed it and hats down the best question was:

24)  Could you be bought for sex and if so, for how much?

one of the check boxes said +’I’ll do it it for free!’. That’s not an answer fitting the question at all. If you’re doing it for free you’re not being bought. The other possible answers ranged from +a dinner to +1 million pounds and even +a years worth of my rent. Now I like to think that I’d always say no to being bought but if I’m honest I’d find it hard to turn down a wad of cash or free rent. Assuming the person buying wasn’t too disgusting.

Maybe the person writing the quiz is subtly scouting out his options. I wait for a saucy proposition via e-mail…

Another great question was:

27) What is your favourite day of the week to have sex?

Hee hee. Bless. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Sexday Friday Saturday Sunday.

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