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Remember a few months ago there was all that controversy about a new advert for ‘Oven Pride’? It got loads and loads of complaints. Here it is:

I just found this vinatge ad:


It’s interesting that this goes both ways. And people get very outraged. Apparently according to this article there were over a thousand direct complaints to the company calling the oven pride advert sexist.

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When my brother was a toddler he on several occasions got hold of my father’s safety razor and badly cut his thumb. Doing it once was forgiveable but he went back for more! Oh the blood. He was a cunning child and had the skill of finding where you’d hidden things from him. Luckily for his thumbs though eventually papa managed to put the thing out of his reach.

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1956 ads

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A vintage ad spot

So I was cruising the blogosphere as I am wont to do when I discovered this blog called ‘Unapologetically Female’ (thanks Ocean’s Deep blogroll). I was really taken with this blog’s series of vintage ads. I LOVE vintage ads and propaganda. In fact I have a whole series of posters/postcards of the stuff (and I’m always up for more…hint hint). So I’ve decided to start showing some on this wee blog of mine. All the most amusing ones I can find, of course.

Here’s the first:


Ah the glorious fridge! It is pretty marvellous really.

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