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Recently I’ve been overusing the word ‘dude’. It started ironically. But now it’s slipped into my daily language. Here is an example of an exchange that took place today at work. It made me realise that my dudeage has gone too far:

Me: Dude! High five that was awesome.
Small Child: What does ‘dude’ mean?
Me: Um. It’s kind of like saying ‘man’.
Small child: Why do you keep saying man?
Me: Um. It’s a bad habit I’ve picked up. Don’t you do it!

I hate it when this happens. A word creeps its way into your subconcious and before you know it you’re using it in every sentence and sounding like an idiot. Currently I’m also overusing ‘as’ as a exclamation point. For example ‘That is wicked AS’, ‘It was sad AS’. I didn’t even realise I was doing this one until my brother started mocking me for it. Apparently we here in the UK do not use ‘as’ in this way. It’s something I’ve picked up in Australia. So my brother informs me. Oh dear.

I am going to try and quit such bad habits. Soon I shall be embroiled in university life and it’s going to be hard enough as it is without me giving the impression that I don’t have a vocabulary.

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The other day I went to an interview at UCL for an MA in the History of Medicine. It did not go well. I was really nervous and The Boy assured me that it would be fine, they weren’t going to quiz me, they just wanted to get to know me. It wasn’t fine and they DID quiz me. As they didn’t ask any questions unrelated to the history of medicine I doubt very much that any of their objective was ‘getting to know’ me.

For anyone else going for an interview ever here are my main tips:

  • Don’t go straight up to the 5th floor. All the doors will be locked, openable only by magic magnetic key. You won’t have one of these and don’t think you’ll be able to wave at someone behind the glass. There is no-one behind the glass. Instead go to the information desk on the ground floor and ask them to phone up for you.
  • Don’t just say that the subject is interesting. ‘Interesting’ is not descriptive enough. It’s too general. You can’t just say you find a subject enjoyable. Muse on and come up with a solid reason that the subject rocks. Remember that everyone you’re talking to has chosen it as a career. Prop up its merit to the world.
  • If you’ve mentioned on you application that you have something in mind for your dissertation prepare to be grilled. They will want to know everything possible about it, including which resources and documents (by name) you plan to use, and all of the main protaganists involved.
  • Do not panic at the number of people interviewing you. There will be five people, maybe more interviewing you. Try to stay calm and answer all of their questions in turn.

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I just found a new row

I just found a new row of tools on the writing post box!

Oh my gosh. Look what I just discovered I can do:

I can make things big

I can make things really small

I can make things purple

Or red

Or blue

Or a mixture of colours!!

Oh the things that I can do!

Incidently to find how to do these simply press the last little box on the toolbox above the ‘new post’ writing box. It has little coloured squares on it. When you hover over it says ‘Show/Hide Ktchen Sink’.


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Confusing the dates

So I thought I was recieving a visit from an old friend from university today. However I’m a little bit foolish and mistook the dates. After waiting two hours past the expected arrival time I realised my mistake and gave up waiting and had lunch. Oopsie. I was starving!

This is good though because I’m using the time I would have spent chatting to her desperately filling out forms to apply for MA scholarship. It’s very stressful. The boxes are too small! Too small!

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We’re now in Xi’an. It’s a nice clean city with lots of interesting, beautiful old buildings.

Here is the drum tower near our hostel:


My favourite thing about Xi’an is that people take their pet birds outside in their cages and hang them around the trees or put them together on the ground. This is so the birds get to socialise and have a bit of fresh air. So the streets are full of birdsong. And then in the Big Goose Pagoda we found cats in the trees in cages!!! They were NOT happy! Tauntingly close to the birds but trapped!


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Off off and away

We’re flying off to China today. I am madly trying to pack so this post shall be brief. I may not be able to post in China itself because of the firewall. We’ll see though.


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