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You know when you’re on a bus and some crazy person gets on? And you worry they’ll sit next to you? Well there’s a guarantee that if I’m also on the bus you need not worry because the crazy person will sit next to me. I’m a crazy magnet. Mostly I don’t mind because I’ve had some very interesting conversations. Today though my daily crazy person was far too adamant that I was pregnant. I’m NOT pregnant and it was getting a bit much trying to explain this.

I had to go and sort out the travel insurance so I got a bus to Lygon Street. And a man sat next to me. A man with a massive beard! He asked me when I was due. Which was pretty confusing. I thought he meant when I was getting off the bus. So I told him. Then it was his turn to be confused. Then he tried to touch my belly! Urgh! Even if I WAS pregnant I would object to being randomly touched. Why do people think they’re allowed to do this?


This is the top I was wearing today. I’m now worried that it does make me look pregnant! I would be tempted to use it to get seats on buses if it did though. As far as I can tell that’s one of the few positive things about being pregnant (or a nun, or old).

Anyway back to the guy – he would not accept me telling him the truth. He argued with me! As though I’d just forgotten I was gestating a person inside me.

In the end I gave up and just agreed with him.


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Firewalls organised by countries seems all the rage at the moment. The recent controversy is Australia joining China and Denmark in building it’s own firewall. They’re being slightly less honest than China though. At least China has the honesty to say ‘Yes we don’t want our citizens having free access to information, we don’t think they will use it responsibly, we’re protecting them, and society’. Whereas Australia says ‘Oh yes everyone has freedom of information, we have no firewalls here….oh wait….except this small one…you can look at what you want of course… unless it’s something we don’t like…’.

This all started with anti-terrorism measures. Must stop those naughty terrorists recruiting each other on ‘terrorism forums’ or looking up how to make bombs etc. Then obviously they thought about it for a while and decided they must also stop naughty people who enjoy looking at naked children. All perfectly reasonable of course, no-one would argue paeodophiles should have free access to what they want. Except…..wait a moment…. aren’t there already laws against that?

Now I hear that there is a ‘blacklist’ of websites in Australia. Apparently if you link to one of these websites you can be fined up to $11,000.  And the blacklist is secret. And not all of the websites on it are illegal. So you can be FINED for linking to a LEGAL webpage that you have no way of knowing is banned. Hmmm. Highly dubious. WHERE HAS OUR FREEDOM GONE????

This seriously gets my goat up.

Wikileaks has apparently sneakily published the blacklist. Only, I just tried to go to the website, and I can’t. It won’t load. That is VERY suspicious!

You can read more here and also here.  Also try clicking wikileaks here and see if it loads for you.

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Search engine terms

One of the things I think I like most about wordpress is the fact that it lets you see information about who’s been visiting your blog. How many people, what links they clicked etc. The BEST part though is that it shows you what people typed into a search engine to get your blog appear. Yesterday someone put in ‘buying porn in Canberra’. Ah ha ha ha ha! Aw they must have been so dissapointed, putting that in and then just getting this blog. Brilliant.

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