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A vintage ad spot

So I was cruising the blogosphere as I am wont to do when I discovered this blog called ‘Unapologetically Female’ (thanks Ocean’s Deep blogroll). I was really taken with this blog’s series of vintage ads. I LOVE vintage ads and propaganda. In fact I have a whole series of posters/postcards of the stuff (and I’m always up for more…hint hint). So I’ve decided to start showing some on this wee blog of mine. All the most amusing ones I can find, of course.

Here’s the first:


Ah the glorious fridge! It is pretty marvellous really.

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I didn’t get around to posting about the duck race in Cheddar on the first of May. I just found the photos from it though and was compelled to add them. Just look! Cheddar Duck RaceDSC02297

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Durex is doing a new sex survey! Obviously this is mainly for them to gather market research unto themselves but they have actually added interesting information to the field of sex-study in the past (more on this when I have time to find it).

For the chance to win a goody bag filled with £50 worth of Durex goods (if you’re from the UK) go here.

I just completed it and hats down the best question was:

24)  Could you be bought for sex and if so, for how much?

one of the check boxes said +’I’ll do it it for free!’. That’s not an answer fitting the question at all. If you’re doing it for free you’re not being bought. The other possible answers ranged from +a dinner to +1 million pounds and even +a years worth of my rent. Now I like to think that I’d always say no to being bought but if I’m honest I’d find it hard to turn down a wad of cash or free rent. Assuming the person buying wasn’t too disgusting.

Maybe the person writing the quiz is subtly scouting out his options. I wait for a saucy proposition via e-mail…

Another great question was:

27) What is your favourite day of the week to have sex?

Hee hee. Bless. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Sexday Friday Saturday Sunday.

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In the Aviary in Hong Kong

In the Aviary in Hong Kong

In the park NEAR the aviary. A result of bird flu panic.

In the park NEAR the aviary. A result of bird flu panic.

Behind the door in a toilet cubicle.

Behind the door in a toilet cubicle.

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Today we got conned out of 20 pounds by a fake monk. I am quite annoyed with myself. Part of me knew I was being conned but still it happened. He was a cunning fake monk oh aye.

But still I have a shiny picture of the Buddha and an orange bracelet out of it. Although I’m not wearing the bracelet in case it marks me out as an easy target.

We went up the peak tram. Twas very high.

Oh oh oh AND we got moved to a room with an actual window. It’s all very exciting!

AND we bought our train tickets into China. Woo wee woo! Off to Guilin we shall go!

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Dreaming about China

I had a very odd dream this morning. I’d fallen back asleep after C had left for work (oops, I meant to get up and ‘do’ things, I blame a very boring book I was trying to read – Ghost Tide by Yo Yo).

In the dream C and I were in Hong Kong already, on the first step of our journey back to London. For some reason we’d decided to ‘have a break’ from our relationship. We were sitting on a beach near our hotel (does Hong Kong even have beaches?) and chatting to a very nice girl called Lara who had long blonde hair. She was flirting with C and I decided to set them up! He was gently flirting back but without asking her out. I got exasperated and invited her to dinner with us. Then I ‘remembered’ that actually I wasn’t feeling very well and thought I’d not be making it to dinner. I remember I was trying to be obvious about the setting up. Lara was delighted. As was C. That evening I was preparing to go out on the town to find food – C popped his head round the door and told me him and Lara were going to the hotel dining room and could I please not eat there because it would spoil the mood. I thought this was quite rude.

I went to the bus stop and got on the first bus that came along and got off at a random stop in the city. By conicidence a guy and girl I recognised from the hotel also got off. They turned out to be tour guides at the hotel having an evening off. They invited me to dinner with them where they were meeting up with a bunch of friends who worked around the city.

We ended up in a cute tiny little Chinese hostel dinning room. It was all red with worn plastic tables and chairs. The owner was lovely but didn’t speak any English. Before everyone else arrived I asked the way to the toilet which was through a series of rooms connected by sliding doors that I decided must be the guest rooms.  I also had to go through the kitchen where a woman was chopping up vegetables. The toilet was just behind here. Oddly it had a boarded up window/door which had ‘What happened to the window?’ written in red pen with a sad face on it. Whilst I was in the toilet I started to sms (text) Lacey to complain to her about C going off with Lara.

When I got back to the dining room all the other guests had arrived and we sat around eating a series of increasingly delicious food whilst chatting about China. I was asking the people next to me what it was like living and working there. They were all westerners and all loved it.

I was just eating a bowl of fried noodles with nougat (??) when I heard a familiar voice. I craned over the bowls so I could see the next table more clearly and recognised my friend P/P from University! (quite odd as he lives in the Midlands and is training to be an accountant). He immediately came over to sit next to me and we started chatting about what he’d been upto. In the dream I knew he’d been living in Beijing but had just forgotten it a bit. He was also loving China.

The people around us were getting curious about us knowing each other already and started teasing that we were lovers. Then P/P made some terrible joke about maybe once in the past which I misunderstood and said very loudly that we’d only kissed that one time. At which point everything went very quiet and P/P’s girlfriend (also a friend from university) stood up looking really pissed off. Now I hadn’t known she was visiting him so I got very embarrassed. We then had a brief conversation which she left quite early on. Which was a shame because at Uni I’d always been better friends with her than with P/P. P/P and I just went back to talking.

It was a very long dream. And very strange. What does it say about my subconcious?

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As a reward for writing a whole paragraph of my final essay (oh sooo close to finishing) I’ve been flicking through various online journals whilst having a tea break. The F-Word is a great UK site dedicated to feminism. Through them I found a link to ‘Lesbilicious’ which according to their tagline is ‘the web’s tastiest lesbian magazine’. It’s actually really interesting. I found this fantasic article about a church sign in Ohio! Although I am about to more-or-less reproduce it below there are brilliant comments on the site that I recommend going to read.

In September 2008 an Ohio church displayed this sign:


Tee hee!! Aw look at them go – tapping into popular culture to spread their message. I just imagine the vicar turning on the radio, hearing Kate Perry’s song and twitching  in horror.

Although I think he may have missed the main point to the song. It’s not exactly a lifestyle choice of the singer (it actually seems to back up the church’s view what with the line ‘it’s not what good girls do’). Especially as she doesn’t say where she kissed the girl. Could have been a peck on the cheek. Seems a bit of an over-reaction of God to send people to Hell for that. Admittedly it’s very heavily implied that this was no innocent kiss.See here:

(I tried to have the original music video here which is very funny, but youtube wouldn’t let me embed it – this is the only video I found that worked. Her dress is wonderful though – so it’s all okay)
My favourite part are the lyrics:

Us girls we are so magical
Soft skin, red lips, so kissable
Hard to resist so touchable
Too good to deny it

Obviously the church was worried young people in their thousands would race to ‘become’  lesbians.

Then someone defaced the sign to this:


It’s probably wrong that I prefer the sign as it originally was. Not because I agree (that’s ridiculous) but because it’s just quite amusing. And it tells a whole little story. This version is good because I imagine the person who did it got a great deal of satisfaction out of it – and it’s a nicer message, of course.

The whole sign-saga was originally posted on Feminist Avengers.

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