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Slutwalk is coming to London. It was originally scheduled for Saturday the 4th of June but apparently it’s been moved to the 11th. This is an anti-rape protest first started in Toronto, Canada.

I am troubled with Slutwalk as a movement. At first I found it difficult to put into words why this was. It made me uneasy. I consider myself a feminist, of course I am against violence towards women and I’m a fan of protesting. Protesting something we disagree with is important, we shouldn’t just accept the status quo. So when a law officer in Toronto said that women should avoid dressing ‘slutty’ to avoid rape I was pleased at the uproar.

However, as the protest movement picked up speed and organised into the ‘Slutwalk’ phenomena spreading across to the U.S.A., U.K. and Australia I became increasingly uncomfortable. And I’m not alone. People all over have been voicing concerns such as this critique by Meghan Murphy and this blog post on the f-word. ‘Reclaiming’ a negative word doesn’t automatically take away its power. It may seem empowering to call myself a slut but by doing so I am buying into the rhetoric of the word to begin with. If someone uses it against me with malice it’s negative power holds true.

Not all negative words should be reclaimed.

I think we just need to get away from describing what people wear as slutty. It’s not the clothes. After all what is thought of as ‘slutty’ changes depending on the time, the country and the person. Rather than embracing the word ‘slut’ and making friends with it I think we would do better to attack it, chopping it off at the roots. As fun as it is making a sign shouting ‘I’M A SLUT’ better, I think, to shout ‘THERE ARE NO SLUTS’.

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Mastering the masters

A masters is like a black hole that you throw your time and life into. What month is it? December? How did that happen? What happened to November? All I know is that I have two more deadlines for next week. And then a further two a few weeks after that.

This first semester has gone so so fast. The whole year is going to be a blur I can tell. Hopefully at the end I’ll be found in fancy hat, masters degree in hand, smiling knowlingly, and not in a gibbering wreck under a desk somewhere. As it is I am quite tempted to build some kind of fort out of all my books and articles and have a little nap.

How do academics survive? Is it always like this?

I need to buck up and grab this thing with both hands. I’m determined that I will master the masters.

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The dilemna of sperm donation

A big problem sperm donation has in the UK is the 2005 changes to rules about anonymity. These are that any child created through donated sperm has the right on their 18th birthday to learn the name of the donor. Naturally this has led to a fall in donations as most donors don’t want the risk that in 18 years time dozons of their biological offspring will arrive a-knocking at the door.

These changes also apply to egg and embryo donors.

There’s been lots of discussion on the radio about IVF and a recurring theme is the difficulty of getting your hands on quality sperm/eggs. Most UK couples it seems choose to go to Europe to get IVF.  The current favourite is Spain. The waiting times are shorter than the NHS and the price is cheaper. Also, because Spain pays people for donating they have ample supplies of sperm and eggs.

In the UK the idea the NHS had to cover the shortage of donations was to offer a discount in the price of IVF treatment if women donated eggs. That’s right – eggs from people having fertility problems. Is it any wonder the chance of successful impregnation is so low in the UK, compared to say Spain?

Personally I think the ‘Gathering Sperm Trust’ (or whatever they’re called) should use this cartoon from Dinosaur comics in their advertising material.

The fertility watchdog has recommended that women should be offered payment for donation of their eggs as the most effective way of ending that shortage. In America payment is offered for both sperm and egg donation.

Personally I think I would be unlikely to donate my eggs unless I was offered a substantial payment (this is what critics are worried off, that people like me would risk their health purely for finacial gain, to pay for university etc). It is quite a big needle – right into the ovaries! And I also don’t really like the idea that my genetic material would be just wandering around somewhere. I believe reproduction comes with a great deal of responsibility. Also I am a big advocate of ADOPTION! I have little sympathy for couples who spend thousands upon thousands on IVF instead of adopting.

At a push I might donate an egg (or a syringe full) to someone I actually knew. But I’d have to like them a lot.

It’s a thorny issue. Should the rules be changed back to total anonymity for donors? I feel that would be one of the most effective ways of getting more donations. But when it comes to it there’s still the bigger issue of how much help a couple should be given in creating a baby from scratch.

(sperm and eggs are also used for various experimentations, not even creating babies. Is that more controversial? I don’t think so)

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Moon Landing

I’m going to guess……


That’s right I’m just making my position nice and clear right now. So that later on if it turns out to be true I can nod smugly and say “Ah ha, I always knew it” along with everyone else, only I’ll have documented proof that this was my position all those years ago.

This week NASA  has revealed at a news conference some of it’s digitally restored footage of the moon landing in celebration of the event’s 40th birthday (On an unrelated note has anyone else noticed how Americans in the news these days look like they’re in the 1980’s? Just LOOK at that guy’s suit). The moon landing is all over the news at the moment. Especially as apparently there is a new race to the moon on. This time China seems to be taking up the gauntlet of racing America there.

China wants the glory of a moon landing. And in my opinion America is racing there to try and prevent anyone discovering a suspicious lack of debris from the previous landing. Partly this is wishful thinking on my part. It would amuse me a lot though if it was all fake.

Conspiracy theorists have been juggling this topic around for decades now. They’re been scrutinising the photos, claiming the shadows and lack of stars are wrong as well as unearthing NASA employees who claim it’s fake, and videos of the astronauts ‘practising’ the moon landing in a warehouse.

Wikipedia has much to say about it here.

Basically there are three main avenues of conspiracy theory:

  1. Complete hoax — The idea that the entire moon landing was faked from start to finish. This theory claims the technology was not advanced enough. Especially in mind of crossing the Van Allen Radiation Belt.
  2. Partial hoax / unmanned landingsBart Sibrel has stated that the crew of Apollo 11 and subsequent astronauts had faked their orbit around the Moon and their walk on its surface by trick photography, and that they never got more than halfway to the Moon.
  3. Manned landings, with cover-upsPhilippe Lheureux, in Lumières sur la Lune (Lights on the Moon), said that astronauts did land on the Moon, but that, in order to prevent other nations from benefiting from scientific information in the real photos, NASA published fake images.

If America did manage to fake them then well done to them. It’s a pretty excellent hoax, and a long lasting one. It does seem like something that would be very difficult to maintain. I’m just waiting until the next moon landing. Or until the freedom of information act results in relevant documents being released (although if it hasn’t happened yet it’s dubious).

I’m not entirely convinced either way but I feel the need to pick a side now so I’ll go with my previous Yes, Yes the moon landing was faked.

What do you think?

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Why is it always so hard to find ‘United Kingdom’ in drop down options on online forms? It’s always in a different place! I wish I was Australian. Then it would be easy.

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A few days ago I bumped into an old school friend of mine….and her SON! This may not at first sound like a big deal but I had no idea she’d been pregnant, plus if I was to put everyone I knew from school in a list of ‘Most likely to breed’ she would have been way down at the bottom. I was shocked! Shocked and amazed.

There she was pushing around a person who had been INSIDE HER WOMB like it was the most normal thing in the world.

The world is very deceptive. After a number of years you return to your childhood home and everything looks the same, you’re pretty much the same (truely, I look the same as when I was at school, except I’m now a bit fatter) and when you bump into people you expect them to be the same. But no, they go and drop bombshells on you like ‘This is my son’.

I literally had to bite my tongue to stop myself yelling out a variety of increasingly insane sounding questions. I was a little incoherant with shock as it was. Here is an extract of our exchange, complete with my thought bubbles:

Schoolfriend: This is my son.

Me: Oh wow, gosh really? That’s amazing (Son, son? Oh my lord)

SF: Yeah I know.

Me: Wow, when, um, I mean when did you have it? Him! When did you have him? (Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod you actually had SEX?)

SF: 3 Months ago, I’m now on maternity leave from the *****

Me: Cool. Cool.

SF: Yeah, he was over 10 pounds when he was born. I had a caesarean in the end. I was pushing for like an hour, usually people push for like ten minutes and the baby pops out.

Me: Oh was he late?

SF: Two weeks.

Me: Wow. (You have a soooooooooooon? How, how did that happen??) What’s his name?

SF: ******

Me: Cute. (You had a person inside you?  Argh!!)

Etc. This was much the way it went for a while. I wanted to ask what it was like being pregnant and so on but as her mother was also there I refrained.

Her mother then told me off because I said I wasn’t getting married soon. Which was bizarre. I’m not sure from what angle this shocked her. Obviously I don’t compare favourably with her married, spawning daughter. She actually told me that it was ‘no good’ and ‘disgraceful’.

On a previous visit to Bristol I had been shocked to learn that this same old friend had gotten married. Who knows what she’s saving up for my next visit back. I think it has to along the lines of joining a crazy religion/cult, becoming a punk, becoming a junkie, becoming a man or similiar. It’s gonna be hard to top the baby.

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Remember that they can see you

Yesterday I had a bit of a shock.

A week or so ago I wrote a post about the Hay festival in which I discussed the talks we went to see. Imagine my suprise when one of the givers of those talks replied to my post! Argh! I’d forgotten that this is connected to the magical ‘Internet’ and that anyone can read it. Including the people I’m writing about.

It was like Mr. Beale was watching me through the computer screen. I’m sure there’s some literary essay just waiting in the wings on this circle of realisation. I actually felt embarrassed. I don’t know why, I just was. The thought that people can actually find and read what I write on here was just a bit of a shock.

Let it be a warning to all – the internet is huge, and anyone with access to a computer (with a connection) can see you. Especially people on a hunt for reviews of their public speaking.

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