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The Killing Season

Above is the trailer for a great documentary called ‘The Killing Season’ about malaria in Uganda. It raises very important issues to do with drug manufacture and distribution. Sadly the whole documentary isn’t available just yet but hopefully it will be soon.

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I’ve been a bit sickly in recent days. This is why I haven’t blogged for a while. That and I didn’t really have anything to say. This was a more or less direct consequence of being ill. It’s not very interesting to blog about having watched over an entire season of House in a week (although I have – boom ra. Anyone want to ask what diseases can be diagnosed with a lumbar puncture I am your gal).

Daring to be different I didn’t actually have swine flu, which, as I’m sure everyone knows, was declared a pandemic by WHO a few months ago. Of course as the UK is currently diagnosing people over the phone, using non-doctors and then throwing TamiFlu at anyone with a temperature I’m not sure I trust the current statistics of how many people have been affected thus far.¬† Several people have been found to have been misdiagnosed. Sadly only when they got worse or died. A 48 year old woman died of meningitis after being diagnosed with swine flu, and a 13 year old boy had to spend six days in hospital after being diagnosed with H1N1 when he in fact had a kidney infection.

As for myself, C (I couldn’t talk at this stage) had to assure the receptionist at the health centre that I didn’t have a temperature or any flu like symptoms before I could get an appointment to see a doctor. The doctor rather unhelpfully said that it was “…probably a chest infection caused by a virus in which case you’ll have to fight it off yourself, but just in case it’s a bacterial infection here have these anti-biotics”. I’ve seen way too many House episodes to not realise that just means ‘I have no idea just eat these and see if it works’. I was all for not eating them but C persuaded me.

I’m much better now. But I think that’s mainly because of the bucketfuls of squash I consumed.

Incidentally there’s also government advice set up on swine flu at directgov including links to the NHS ‘Online symptom and treatment assessment tool’.

I had a go on this tool and it told me to CALL 999 IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!! Okay it didn’t have so many exclamation points but it definitely sounded like it was trying to convey a great deal of panic. Needless to say I didn’t call 999. I wasn’t even messing around – I just answered the questions seriously. I don’t think it’s a very useful tool, amblances take forever anyway (more on this later) without fools wasting their time because the online NHS tool led them astray. The whole flu panic is out of hand – people need to take deep breaths and calm down.

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Today we bought travel insurance. We can now do a variety of mildly dangerous activities (such as abseiling, parachuting, ballooning, bungy jumping, white water rafting, and the rather obscure ‘working holidays’) in China, and if everything goes horribly wrong we can spend up to $10,000,000 each in a hospital driving to fix it.

We wanted to compare STA’s and Student Flights’ prices so we went to both and picked up their insurance brochures. STA didn’t actually have any prices for policies in theirs at all so they lost.

Basic cover for the two of us in China for just over a month was $574.

However I just pulled out the certificate to look it over and find they’ve spelt C’s name wrong and they’ve put my birth in the wrong month! Argh! Why is nothing ever easy? I’m going to have to go back on Monday now and sort them out! So annoying!

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I’m watching Entertainment Tonight. It’s a new low.

I can’t sleep. I’m all itchy with insect bites and every time C moves in the bed or makes a small noise I have to fight the urge to poke him. So I’ve removed myself from the bedroom. This is what happens when you sleep until midday – you get all tetchy.

I started to write a book review I’m doing (On ‘My Life and Other Catastrophes’ – don’t ask). But I’m too tired and just wrote the word ‘book’ about 8 times in one sentence.

The TV has now switched to showing shots of Dresden and playing rousing music whilst showing the temperature in every city in the world it seems. Urgh. That’s probably a sign I should go back to bed and TRY to sleep.

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Poisoned by Ethiopia

I think I’ve been poisoned by Ethiopia. Not the country. There’s a restaurant we go to which we have dubbed Ethiopia because of the food it serves. It’s very yummy and fun to eat.¬† You get served a giant pancakey bread thing with different meats in sauce slodged on the top. The idea is to break off bits of bread and dip them in. It’s great fun and probably saves quite a lot of washing up (and the table clothes are covered in plastic so they are wise indeed). We went on Sunday night. Yesterday I was feeling a little queasy during the day, by evening I was having stabbing pains in the stomach and sweats. These have continued to today. Urgh.

Incidently¬† I think this blog is posting the wrong time. It seems to think I’m currently in the UK. Which I’m not.

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