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The Killing Season

Above is the trailer for a great documentary called ‘The Killing Season’ about malaria in Uganda. It raises very important issues to do with drug manufacture and distribution. Sadly the whole documentary isn’t available just yet but hopefully it will be soon.

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This actually woke me up at 2am originally!!! 2am!

I thought a neighbour was drilling. After waiting 2o minutes I angrily launched myself outside to ‘give them a piece of my mind’ only to find a crew of construction workers sawing up the train tracks!

I can’t believe how much noise they’re making! Yargh!

Anyway I thought I’d film them for no other reason than to share with you all the noise! And then I got a ‘bit’ carried away with a video editing program I didn’t even know I had. Huzah.

If they don’t stop soon and allow me to go to sleep I think I will go mad. I’ve already gone outside in only my pants and a t-shirt, sat on a swing and secretly filmed construction workers – who knows what I’ll do with even more sleep deprivation.

Below is the video. You can share in my agony…..

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Yesterday Lacey and I were having lunch at a fairly expensive cafe called Gus’ in civic discussing what to do with our afternoon. I’d ordered a white chocolate mocha and was having mucho fun poking the marshmallows with my spoon and imagining they were life-floats (why life-floats I don’t know. There was no-one to save in that mug). I’m not quite sure how we got onto it but Lacey happened to mention that Canberra was known as The Porn Capital of Australia!!! Of course I couldn’t just let that go I had to see this mecca of porn that she claimed was only a short drive away. And apparently there are radio adverts for the biggest adult shop called ‘Adam and Eve’ that go:

Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, something for everyone at Adam and Eve.

During the daytime they advertise adult shops.

So off we went, driving around a massive retail park looking for the porn shops and brothels.

We found Adam and Eve after following a police car most of the way.



I loved the sign. But that was sadly the best part. Inside it was your typical corny hen night merchandise and extremely similiar skimpy outfits professing to be nun, soldier, schoolgirl or cheerleader outfits.apple





What didn’t fall into these categories was more disturbing than amusing. There were blow up figures and fake genetalia galore.

The most amusing porn film I found here was one called ‘Grannies love big men’ or something similiar. It was advertised as over 50 action. Lol.  The MOST disturbing thing was that there was a small table covered with children’s colouring books and pencils!!! That was NOT a suitable environment for a child!xxx

Disappointed we wandered around a bit more and then found this store which looked promising. It was slightly classier. They had a poster advertising Porn Wars – Cum join the force’.But sadly I couldn’t find the actual film. If I find that for under $20 someone is getting a very special birthday present.

We were also very impressed by a film calledPirates’ which looks like a porn version of Pirates of the Caribbean. Unfortunately it was $100. Although you DID get a free life-size cut out of one of the characters. I was very tempted.

There were no children’s toys in this store but there was a woman with three children sitting in a car outside. It was very worrying. They looked like they were waiting for someone but no-one else was in the store. Oh please please let it not have also been a brothel. There was a secret door behind a curtain. It’s too disturbing to think a guy was having sex with a prostitute whilst his wife and children were sitting outside in the car!

I haven’t seen any other examples of adult shops in Australia but if Canberra is the Porn Capital of Australia it’s a very poor outlook for them.

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