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Slutwalk is coming to London. It was originally scheduled for Saturday the 4th of June but apparently it’s been moved to the 11th. This is an anti-rape protest first started in Toronto, Canada.

I am troubled with Slutwalk as a movement. At first I found it difficult to put into words why this was. It made me uneasy. I consider myself a feminist, of course I am against violence towards women and I’m a fan of protesting. Protesting something we disagree with is important, we shouldn’t just accept the status quo. So when a law officer in Toronto said that women should avoid dressing ‘slutty’ to avoid rape I was pleased at the uproar.

However, as the protest movement picked up speed and organised into the ‘Slutwalk’ phenomena spreading across to the U.S.A., U.K. and Australia I became increasingly uncomfortable. And I’m not alone. People all over have been voicing concerns such as this critique by Meghan Murphy and this blog post on the f-word. ‘Reclaiming’ a negative word doesn’t automatically take away its power. It may seem empowering to call myself a slut but by doing so I am buying into the rhetoric of the word to begin with. If someone uses it against me with malice it’s negative power holds true.

Not all negative words should be reclaimed.

I think we just need to get away from describing what people wear as slutty. It’s not the clothes. After all what is thought of as ‘slutty’ changes depending on the time, the country and the person. Rather than embracing the word ‘slut’ and making friends with it I think we would do better to attack it, chopping it off at the roots. As fun as it is making a sign shouting ‘I’M A SLUT’ better, I think, to shout ‘THERE ARE NO SLUTS’.

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Remember a few months ago there was all that controversy about a new advert for ‘Oven Pride’? It got loads and loads of complaints. Here it is:

I just found this vinatge ad:


It’s interesting that this goes both ways. And people get very outraged. Apparently according to this article there were over a thousand direct complaints to the company calling the oven pride advert sexist.

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Oh my God is shopping for shoes frustrating! I hate it so much. I also hate that society expects it to be my number one favourite activity. I would LOVE it if I could just open a magic door in my house and the ideal shoe would appear. With none of the endless wandering around trying on things fiasco. Is there anything more boring than trying on shoes? No. I can say that with the absolute certainty of someone who spent 6 hours the other day watching other people write exams.

My problem is that I have very small and narrow feet. I also have high expectations of a shoe. I don’t want heels, and I don’t want it to rub away all the skin on my feet. That may not sound like much but it’s very hard to fulfil.

I need black shoes for work. Sigh. Also trousers (I seem to be continuously buying black trousers, because I get rid of them gleefully after each job,  forgetting in the moment that eventually I will have a new job and a new need for black trousers). I found some of those in the very first shop I went in.  It just happened to be a British Heart Foundation shop and only cost £4.30. Ah ha! Second-hand clothes are the best!

No shoes though. This leaves me borrowing my mother’s, which sadly are too big.

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