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The Milk Party

I’ve had a big pause from writing on here mainly because of all the crazy organising things that needs to be donedsc01675 beforeĀ  moving countries. Sigh. Much to do, only 3 days (wait, really only 2 whole days, eek) to do it in.

Unhelpfully my body has decided now is the perfect time to get sick. So I’m trying to finish my TEFL course right now whilst dizzy and feverish. Joy.

dsc01685Anywho… on Saturday we had our going away party. Which had the fabulous theme of MILK! Oh yes. N and I somehow reached the conclusion that a milk party was the best idea ever. I think it started just by us concluding a party with lots of cheese would be brilliant. Which it was.

Now I know people had their doubts but I think it all worked rather well. We had milk fancy dress (mainly just white clothes, although one guy came as the milky wayand a lass came as a cow), cheese, and a variety of milk based alcoholic cocktails. That last one sounds gross but I worked out some pretty nice ones (main ingrediants being baileys, Kahlua, vodka).

dsc01670I had great fun inventing the shot to the right here.

It was milk, kahlua and irish butterscotch cream. I layered the cream and then sprinkled chocolate powder on top. I was pretty pleased with it. Ah my months of bartending pay off.


I even made a series of milk-friendly posters to decorate the main room with!



It was lots of fun!

I ended up very full of milk, mmmm calcium.


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